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PART 3:  South Sudan is in a deep economic crisis. Recently, inflation has grown exponentially, leading to much higher food prices. Food is very expensive and mostly imported from Uganda.  The challenge of the work load on the farm is extensive & we are opening 50 acres of farmland up from last year to counter the current food crisis.

Lord, enable them through Your provision to increase farm production & the building of housing on the farmland needed to stay there, now that seeds have been planted... Two great needs that are connected... You are executing Your plan to make Beth Israel Farm a fruitful place in every way, so that the people of Borongole may be blessed to continue to be a blessing providing food for themselves and to the surrounding communities in South Sudan for Your glory!!!



An essential need:   DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM to help through the coming dry season from October to March.  It would be a huge blessing if Jon could return this fall with drip irrigation in hand. $3000 NEEDED

The WELL SYSTEM NEEDS GREATER STORAGE CAPACITY due to higher demands.  Many families come very far to access one of the 5 faucets placed throughout the village. When the sun goes down or on a cloudy day the solar pump cannot work . The one tank capacity runs out quickly  & does not resume until mid-morning the next day when the solar is recharged. Therefore, a second holding tank would double the storage capacity and last into the next morning.  $1000 NEEDED
Generous donations have kept the MEDICAL CLINIC equipped with medicine, & an ambulance, but there is a great need for SOLAR REFRIGERATION for the tests and medicines so they do not expire in the heat prematurely.  In addition, there is a great need for major RENOVATIONS of the clinic. $5000 NEEDED

You may or may not be aware of Jon’s recent bout with cerebral malaria, 6/15 to 6/19, which hit him hard after his return to the US & put him into a coma. This is so rare for doctors here, he would have been better off dealing with this in Africa.

Reading stories of others with serious malaria in the US, caused us to anticipate & prepare for a long haul,  BUT GOD!!!  He rallied His people.  Many cried out in His glorious & powerful  name asking for His intervention.  When the doctors were worried as to why he was unresponsive for so long, God intervened and Jon woke up on day 3!!! 

By On day 5 they cancelled the plan for days of acute rehab & Jon came home!

We looked forward to resuming our work with Operation Nehemiah, but three weeks later, he ended up back in the hospital...

where we just spent another week, 7/11 - 7/16, with Jon who had neurological complications following his full recovery form malaria. This was not a relapse of malaria, but due to immunological weakness, he picked up something that would not effect you or I adversely.  Jon had tremors, jerking movements, and speech problems and even, hallucinations. Slowly they ruled out bacterial meningitis and other possibilities and settled on viral meningitis, but his symptoms more mirrored Post Malaria Neurological Syndrome, which is so rare most doctors have never heard of it!
With both, the patient can recover on their own, so it's time for Jon to rest and heal & as you can see he is doing much better!
Our greatest need now is for MONTHLY SUPPORT so we can go forward to travel where invited to share, whether homes or churches locally or far away. Even $10 or $20 a month would be a great blessing as Roger has stepped away from employment to be involved more.
Note: there is reoccurring payment option that is taken monthly from your credit card or PayPal.

We as a family are looking forward to traveling together  to raise awareness and raise support for Operation Nehemiah Missions.   In the days ahead we will be scheduling SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, to share the vision, what’s been accomplished on the ground and the plans that God has called us to in faith!
It was a miracle of God’s provision that we made it to Borongole in April!!  Jon hopes to return by the end of October ready to install drip irrigation to nourish the many crops planted this year. Roger has been asked to return with Hannah Levi’s dad, Rob Kirkman, to help set up donated dental equipment and I will be needed to accompany Roger because of his health issues, and Emma longs to return with Jonathan, as well.   William highly approves of our returning.
Thank you for continuing in believing  PRAYER FOR A RETURN TRIP TO BORONGOLE  this fall. We want to be wherever He wants us, and trust Him to order our steps in the days ahead.

Thank you for partnering with us & the people in South Sudan. We/they so appreciate all your prayers and support.
Clinging to Him for all we need,   Roger, Patty, Jon & Emma

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*Jonathan recorded an audio book of William Levi’s story, THE BIBLE or the AXE: One Man’s Dramatic Escape from Persecution in Sudan. For your donation, we’ll send you a homemade copy (9 Cd’s) of the audio book or the actual hard copy book if you don’t already have one,  just let us know which one. (please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery).