Saturday, May 21, 2016

News about Jon & Josh & our Adventures in the Berkshires

We've moved to the Berkshires & are endeavoring to settle in to our personal 3 room apartment, as well as, readying Maplewood B & B for guests in hopes to officially open June 1. We have some reservations already throughout the summer and some friends coming to stay with us this week, which is a blessing!

If you've not yet read  the story of how the Lord directed us here:]

I also found an old real estate listing when Maplewood Lodgings was for sale with lots of pictures of the property. Check it out and we hope you'll come and sit in our backyard by the river with us!

We are excited about co-laboring with Kevin & Melissa Rousseau, the new owners, to run the B & B for them, as well as, working together for Operation Nehemiah, as Kevin is on the Op. Neh. Board of Directors. We are also 1/2 hour from the Levi's home, which is Operation Nehemiah Headquarters and 1/2 hour from Hannah Levi's parents who are also on the board and our good friends, Rob and Ruth Kirkman. This is huge for us, so that we can meet and pray regularly together.

Jonathan has been on the ground in Borongole, South Sudan since he arrived with us in early December and early in May William & Hannah Levi and their 6 children along with 3 others from the states arrived on the ground in Borongole  and will be there for their longest stay yet till mid August.

Jon is just getting over another bout of malaria and accepting the disappointment of not being able to work with one of the US team who is a farmer and worked diligently the past 12 days to plant in the village and in the farmland before he returned to the States. Now please pray with us for consistent rain so the the seedlings will thrive.

Jon has seen this two weeks of rest as important... giving him needed time with the Lord AND with the young lady that he has begun a relationship with. Actually, our trip there in Dec. was initiated so that we could meet her South Sudanese family as the customs require. We love Joyce and if you remember Emma shared about her friend Joyce in her newsletter "Africa from the Eyes of an American Girl" after our first trip.

Jon and Joyce are working together in the Nehemiah medical clinic in the village. They make a good team and they are both diligent workers, so their biggest challenge is finding time to sit and talk together. 

Jon & Joyce 

 Together in the medical clinic
Jon testing for Malaria

On May 1st we were able to send 3 bags of medical supplies and discipleship packs for the families including children's books. Many people donated funds and actual medical supplies. So much was donated that we could not send it all!! So we are ready with more supplies and clothing for the next trip over.

Josh, as of May 2nd, is out of the Army and he left Fort Drum and moved east the same week we moved west, so there are new adventures for him ahead as well! He  has been blessed to return to work for his former employer and good friend, Dave Axberg... a job he really enjoyed before he enlisted. He also has plans to start school in Boston in early 2017 and has been enjoying a bit of fishing... like every day lately... his Papa would be jealous and proud.

                                      We love Mary... Here she is with her two favorite guys!!

Emma was so excited initially about helping do the baking for the B & B, but as the time of our departure neared, she struggled with leaving our church & family.  

Emma's new do... ready for new adventures
 Emma assistant directed and performed with friends in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

So far God has been meeting her in special ways and we trust His good plan for her and all of us.

 Cousins enjoy exploring the Farmington River in our new backyard!
Anna Flynn was our first visitor & helped Emma unpack & organize her new loft area in the barn.

The last time we were all together!

Prayers for all of our children in these times of transition & new adventures are a blessing!

The wonderful thing about being here at Maplewood, is that the Rousseau's want to see this property used for the Lord as He leads. We have beds for 7 in the three rooms upstairs and some overflow options if needed. We will do our best to accommodate you. So consider coming to visit us!!! It is so peaceful here, especially sitting in our backyard by the river, so come join us. 


PO Box 502, Otis, MA 01253

If you come to visit our physical address is:

266 North Main Road  Otis MA 01253

(We are 12 miles south of the Mass Pike (90). Take LEE EXIT 2  & go left onto Rte 20 for about 7 miles and then Right onto Rte 8 toward OTIS, follow exactly 5 miles & you'll see The Other Brother Daryl's Fish Mkt on the Left and Maplewood is immediately after.

Much grace,  Roger & Patty Lueken & family

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