Thursday, June 12, 2014

MANNA: Where He guides, He provides

Back in April 2012,  while we were living on Prince Edward Island, Jon had finished his discipleship school & as he prayed about his future, it occurred to him that he was "not designed for the west". So he began looking for an opportunity to travel elsewhere to see how God would direct his path and this search put us in touch with William Levi who said Jon could come on his next trip in 2013.

We returned to the US for a wedding in mid Sept. 2012 and William had asked Jon to begin his involvment by attending a conference in NC with him in late October where they would have a booth to tell others about the work of Operation Nehemiah in South Sudan.  As we prayed, we felt led to ask God if He would provide for us all to go as a family with the Levi's.  At the time we did not even have the money needed to travel back to PEI and were waiting on the Lord.

As time went on, we felt strongly about going and made a plan to see dear friends at the 1/2 way point and to see my brother before the conference.  As the conference neared our church offered to cover a rental car and gas so that we could make the trip more inexpensively instead of flying. This encouraged us to keep believing that we would go and we hoped to stay in the same hotel with the Levi's

When we went to bed Thursday,  before our Sat. planned departure, & we still only had our rental car secured… we had not registered for the conference, nor did we have money for hotel at the conference or food for the 11 day trip.  Very few knew we had any need at all and no one knew exactly what we needed & that we had no resources to draw from. We had no savings and no credit cards to fall back on, only the Lord.

I woke up at 3 am Friday and had an urgency to talk to God… 'Lord, do we start packing tomorrow in faith? Show us if we are wrong about the trip. Please clarify your plan.' etc.  After an hour with the Lord I checked my emails and dear friends had PayPal-ed us some money that would help us secure a hotel room!! With that great encouragement, I thanked God and slept peacefully and we got up later that Friday morning to pack, trusting God would provide the rest.

Later on, the Levi's called to tell us that they had received a generous gift and they were going to be able to cover the conference registration for all of us!! So now all we needed was food and other extra expenses covered.  Earlier in the week mom was not in a position to help out and expressed that. We assured her that we did not expect her help, God would supply somehow. But lo and behold, that afternoon she received a totally unexpected check for something she never thought she'd be reimbursed for and she asked me to run to the bank and cash it and gave most of it to us!! That was God's provision for food & other needed things for the trip!! We were so excited.

We left on time and had a wonderful visit with friends and my brother, Mike and family.  We have a God who cares about relationships and is so faithful to see to it that we are right where He wants us to be!!

Well… here we are, once again... trusting Him to provide for a trip to NC, this coming Friday, June 20, 2014 (Jon's birthday) so that Jon and Roger can attend the FARMING GOD'S WAY training, to equip them in methods of farming in the third world. We invite you to pray with us and expect that God will again provide.  We see, now, His wisdom in God calling us to make our needs known so that you can rejoice with us as He provides and celebrate how very faithful He is!!   As you watch & wait with us, may He be lifted up as our Jehovah Jireh & Father Who sees, and knows and cares… in more ways than just financial!! He is a God of relationship and He is knitting hearts together for His purposes and causing us to cling to Him!

Roger and Jon hope to participate in this week long intensive training in Marion, North Carolina June 22 to 27.   Would you pray with us and if God puts it on your heart, would you help towards this months expenses? which are as follows:

Remaining tuition: $800 for the week of training, room and board.
Rental Car & travel expenses: approximately $600
Operation Nehemiah East Office monthly expenses $1000
= $2400 total
See Jon's blog for more on FARMING GOD'S WAY

Thank you for your prayer support.  God has been so faithful in the past, we will be sure to keep you posted about the trip as it unfolds. We are excited to go forward as He leads in order to be prepared to help others in Africa.

Humbled and grateful,      Roger, Patty, Jon & Emma

To send support for the Lueken family's work with Operation Nehemiah:

*Mail a check made out to Operation Nehemiah*  & send to Operation Nehemiah (East) 86 E. Bacon St. Plainville, MA 02762

STOP-MAIL DATE IS JUNE 14 to be sure it gets to him before his home coming!!!



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