Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful for the generosity of God's people & evidence of His hand on our fall trip!

November 2014
We are so thankful for the generosity of God’s people, who prayed, gave and those who graciously opened their homes to us wandering travelers. Whenever we were thirsty (spiritually or physically) God used you to minister a cool cup of water to refresh us. 

First praise report is that we even did the trip! We set out with enough funds to get us to Minnesota w/ no planned speaking till 9 days later, but God had other plans & beautifully filled in housing, when friends got sick & could not house us; also financially, when an online order for my mom’s health needs accidently took the remaining money out of our account rather than hers.  God knew & had plans for Jon to share at our very first stop, that neither we, nor our hosts knew about! 

The trip continued to be filled with unexpected provision, divine appointments & wonderful fellowship with God’s people. 

This was our first real adventure on our own to share about Operation Nehemiah Missions. It gave us courage to venture forth yet again and this has confirmed our calling as a family. It will not be the last trip that we will make and we look forward to future connections with you and others that God will bring across our path. 

JON WILL BE HEADING BACK TO SOUTH SUDAN ON DEC. 8TH & will be traveling with William Levi. William intends to supervise the beginning of construction on the Beth Israel Farm house (a place where families can stay, as right now there is no housing available) William will head home in a couple weeks once the preliminaries have been set. Jon will stay on the ground working with the ground crew and will stay through William and Hannah’s Feb-May family trip. He will return with them in May. He’ll be there 6 months!!

Please pray:   
~For the next few weeks preparations & needed provision for both Jon & WIlliam on this trip, scheduled for Dec 8!! 
Jon hopes to get his South Sudanese permanent residency while he is over there and prayer for wisdom to navigate the red tape and governmental corruption would be much much appreciated!

~For increased monthly support. Thankful for $505 committed monthly support for our family. God faithfully provided for every step of this trip & is providing our daily bread. He has proven again & again that He sees & knows our need! 

~for a computer & hard drive that can handle programs needed to keep track of donations and other necessary systems to help this office with paperwork, as right now we are doing everything by hand.

~For a family vehicle that will take us where we need to go as a family to share about Operation Nehemiah.

~For more local opportunities to share about Operation Nehemiah in homes, churches, homeschool groups, Christian schools.

We will do our best to keep you updated on all that is going on in South Sudan and future ministry work here in the States. We are in awe of His faithfulness and rejoice in being a part of God’s family!    Thank you all so much,   
Roger, Patty, Jon & Emma

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