Thursday, July 9, 2015

PART 2 All that God accomplished on our spring trip to South Sudan

The potential at the ground level is endless and inspiring.  It was a blessing to see firsthand the BRICK MACHINE at work, THE WELL PROVIDING CLEAN WATER &the FLOUR GRINDER in use. These blessings are providing the people there a way of doing menial tasks, with enough time left over to spend with their families & each other. 
THE AMBULANCE is helping people get to the hospital 30 miles or more away. 
WE WANT TO THANK ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN & PRAYED FOR THESE NEEDS. The evidence of God’s faithfulness that we have seen has greatly encouraged their faith & ours & we praise our God, Who provides all our needs.       

 Major road repair was needed on the road to the farmland &
 for several days the men worked tirelessly to make the 5 mile trip to the farm passable.

When we arrived in April the foundation had been laid for the farmhouse that will house many where there has been no place to stay

By the end of May it was up to beam level. 

In addition, local  trees have been cut down with the help of 
expert chainsaw technicians, & a donated saw mill. 
The local resources of trees were milled into over 500 boards for the roof.

 The ambulance is indispensable for the people of Borongole & surrounding communities.

 During our time on the ground, the ambulance took care of four major cases &
has been used many time since, but often lack of funds for "petrol" hinder vehicle use.

  The need for this ambulance remains very critical for the people of South Sudan where the nearest hospital could be at least 30 miles away or they may need to go to Uganda.

The flour grinder:a huge blessing as the families can easily cart their corn, cassava or sorgum to this central location in village to have it ground into flour w/ minimal cost to them. 

After the flour is ground it is weighed here

The heart of Operation Nehemiah Missions is the Great Commission.
Family discipleship, [including premarital counseling we were involved in before 3 weddings took place], 

Bible distribution, church planting and community outreach and all other mission work we do in the South Sudan is only the fruit & the manifestation of this central  vision .

 Youth from the school came and ask for bibles

Handing out Christian literature brought from the US to share with pastors & church leaders

The Church in Boronogole

Through the sound teaching of the Gospel, distribution of  evangelistic materials & Solar radio receivers tuned to Nehemiah Trumpet Call Gospel radio (with the entire content of the Bible imbedded in it), we have witnessed the transformation of individuals, marriages, families, the church, a village and surrounding community

Many fields were plowed and planted. 

I’m told the corn we planted in mid-April was a few feet high before Jonathan left at the end of May and it will be ready for harvest in several weeks


South Sudan is in a deep economic crisis. Recently, inflation has grown exponentially, leading to much higher food prices. Food is very expensive & mostly imported from Uganda.  The challenge of the work load on the farm is extensive & we are opening 50 acres of farmland up from last year to counter the current food crisis.

Lord, enable them through Your provision to increase farm production & the building of housing on the farmland needed to stay there, now that seeds have been planted... Two great needs that are connected... You are executing Your plan to make Beth Israel Farm a fruitful place in every way, so that the people of Borongole may be blessed to continue to be a blessing providing food for themselves and to the surrounding communities in South Sudan for Your glory!!!

Stay tuned for PART 3 sharing further prayer needs...

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