Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Note from Jonathan!!

Dictated over the phone Oct. 25, 2016        
To my faithful friends and family,
I want to thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers for Joyce and I, especially since we were married here in So. Sudan.

So. Sudan is going thru a very difficult time, but in the midst of this trial God’s grace is there. Fear and war have chased a lot of people from their homes, but God’s faithful love is pursuing them.

The work is going forward and the Gospel is continuing to be preached as God helps the staff of Operation Nehemiah here on the ground. There have been times where myself and other staff have been in danger, but God has kept us in the shadow of His wings.

I have been blessed to have been able to preach on the radio regularly and my hope is that God will open people’s hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by His Spirit.

Joyce and I are doing well, but continue to pray for Joyce’s health. Her health has improved, but she is still not at 100% yet. Also, be praying for us that Joyce can get her passport and visa in this time of government upheaval, so we can come to see all of you. There are 2 different roads to take for the paper work process.  Both need God's intervening hand, so we’re seeking the Lord to lead us in the way we should go.

We appreciate your prayers for all the staff here, that God would give us courage and confident trust in Him to protect us and to advance His work.

We are really missing all of you and are hoping to come as soon as God makes a way. I’ve been sharing with my wife,  Joyce, of the many friends and family who’ve been supporting us in many ways. I am really excited for her to meet all of you!

Rubanga tutu koco anya ruga     God bless you all!
Amande anyi America ga si.      We will see you from America.
Nyolu Okpwo Yesu to!                  Stay strong in Jesus!           

  Jonathan and Joyce Lueken

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