Monday, March 16, 2015

Where do you struggle with allowing God to provide for you daily?

"Give us this day our daily bread." This ... indicates our awareness of His provision in our lives & our dependence on Him for that gift. It's not just food we're talking bout. it's all the things we NEED. 

I love the fact that He uses the word "daily" because it reminds me that this is a constant prayer and recognition. We don't need to ask for more than today's portion, because we will pray tomorrow to ask for that [manna] again... 

Where do you struggle with allowing God to provide for you daily? What are the places that feel unsafe, where you are tempted to try and hoard what you can in order to protect yourself from potential drought? I can hardly think of an area where I  am not at least tempted to get ahead/gather up/form my own back up plan & leave enough for another day. Whether it's money, emotional issues, or even housekeeping, I feel the need to have a "safety net" RATHER THAN TRUST GOD'S PROVISION. It's so silly, but I try and take control instead of allowing myself to rest and trust that He will come through.

It's as if I'm saying, "Thank You for what You did today, but I'm not really convinced You'll keep it up, so I'm stepping in."

He asks us to have the kind of faith that wakes in the morning not knowing how He will provide, but believing that He will, based on what we know of His character. [a daily posture for us lately]

I'm a whole lot better at typing it than I am at living it out.

We know what we need and He might be busy, so we'll go ahead and plan in the event that He's occupied.  You can call it whatever you want, but the reality is that it's our lack of faith that causes us to ACT instead of ASK.

He's a good enough Father to let us learn our own lessons, and trust me, this is one I have to learn over and over. [me, too!] I can exhaust myself running around like a maniacal squirrel, fully convinced that it is my searching that will keep me protected and well-fed. Instead of pausing to pray to the God who is in control of the whole universe, I scramble and gather, scramble and gather. And when I have a sufficient amount stored (according to my standards), I may go ahead and thank Him.

It basically means I SAY I trust Him but I ACT like I don't. Which is, you know, less than optimal.

It has been only with the benefit of hindsight that I have often realized how misguided my "solutions" were. I grew in the seasons where He didn't do what I thought was necessary for my well-being. I learned what it feels like to be infused with the hope that defies circumstances. While I can's say He's always done it my way, I will say HE has always come through for me in a way that made Him more real to me."  [with that I whole heartedly concur!]

~Angie Smith author of Chasing God - from the back cover: 

"Maybe you’ve never asked the question out loud, but you’ve wondered. You do the things that look good on paper: read your Bible, pray, attend study groups and go to church on Sundays.

But you aren’t convinced you really know Him.

Angie Smith understands, because she had run circles around the same paths searching for Him, frustrated at her lack of progress. And she probably would have continued to do so had it not been for one realization that changed everything.

She wasn’t following God; she was trying to catch up with Him.

And without realizing it, you may be as well.

It’s a distinction that affects every aspect of our lives with Christ, and it begins with learning where we’ve relied more on man’s explanation of God than God Himself.

So many requirements, so many rules, and so much guilt where there is supposed to be freedom. It’s the reason you wonder if you’ve measured up, and the nagging voice that tells you you’re a failure as a Christian.

Three simple words changed everything for Angie, and she believes they can do the same for you.

Stop chasing God."

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