Friday, April 3, 2015


April 2, 2015 ~ We can't tell you how awed we are at the miracle of God's provision in all sorts of ways to make this trip to Africa possible. We had nothing that we could SEE a few months ago to cause us to think that this would be possible, but GOD…
Neither the Levi’s nor we have credit cards or savings to draw from. We can only look to the Lord in PRAYER. It's been like stepping out on the water & many times He has reached out & grabbed our hands when we were consumed by the wind & the waves & sinking. He has led us step by step, giving us just what we need to do the next thing. 
One things for sure, when you do not have the means to do something, you cannot run ahead of Him. You are forced to WAIT ON THE LORD to provide what you need, which is a good place to be, though it is hard on our flesh. We want to see everything in place before we decide to do something, but He calls us to walk by faith and not by sight. 
Don't be afraid if you find yourself in circumstances beyond your capacity, ability or means. Even if you are anxious, as you look to Him, He will prove Himself so very FAITHFUL. Hard things & trials are the place where we are forced to wait on Him & where we SEE Him best. We are weak but He is strong. His light is best seen when He lights up the darkness and there we see His wondrous character more clearly.               
Thank you for your prayers & support.  
Together we have asked our Father and He has been beautifully supplying our daily bread. 
Tues. evening April 7 we fly from Boston & after 18 hours in the air, we land in Entebbe (next to the capitol Kampala) on Lake Victoria in southern Uganda (right at the equator). Then after a day or so there, we will travel by vehicle 12 hours north to the South Sudan border, where we will negotiate for our visas (which can take some time). Then we travel an hour or so to Borongole for our reunion with Jon & to meet his South Sudanese family! We will have 19 days in the village & return to Boston on April 30th with adventures to share.
Please do not pray for us only. 
The difficulties we may encounter are things the people of South Sudan face every day of their lives..
"Missions’ is very simple. 
There are only two ministries in missions. 
You’re either called to go down into the well or you’re called to hold the rope for those that go down." ~ Paul Washer

Thank you for holding the rope!!!
Thanks for your prayers for these last minute outstanding needs
~ fees to recover a shipment that was sent to Uganda
~ equipping a couple more projects on the ground
~ covering bills while we’re gone.
~ last minute purchases of needs for our brothers & sisters in South Sudan,
As we pray together we can rejoice together as He moves to meet these last  needs. 
It’s never too late to give as God leads!
Our personal prayer need when we return is for increased Monthly Support!
>>>>>> We will be available this summer/fall to come to your church or home with new pictures & tales to tell of our first hand experiences & the needs in South Sudan<<<<<<<<<<

Oh, the wonder & reality of His love, mercy, grace & caring for us…        Thank you,     Roger, Patty & Emma Lueken
 Levi’s Main office Choose Option #1 - Lueken’s Plainville office Choose Option #2
MAIL checks to the address PO BOX 2401 Plainville, MA 02762
PO BOX 563 Lanesboro, MA 01237

*Jonathan recorded an audio book of William Levi’s story,
THE BIBLE or the AXE: One Man’s Dramatic Escape from Persecution in Sudan.
For a DONATION, we’ll send you a homemade copy (9 Cd’s) 
OR the actual hard copy book
JUST LET US KNOW if you want the BOOK or CD. 

(please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery after we get back).

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