Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GREAT NEWS! A local school not far from Borongole, So. Sudan was awarded funds to rebuild their school that burned down. The community asked Operation Nehemiah to build a prototype along the main road to replace the shack the headmaster of the school was living in, in order to demonstrate their product. So Jon & the other men have been busy at work producing bricks once again (as the Ambassador advanced them funds needed for materials, so they could begin.
PLEASE PRAY!! As this Friday, the authorities arrive to decide who will get the job and the community is hoping that Nehemiah Brick Production will get it because: They are Local, they are Christian and can be trusted; the bricks are the strongest made, and it will help the local economy.
THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ARE PRAYING FOR THE EFFORTS IN SOUTH SUDAN! We trust that God is leading and will make this possible!
Stay tuned as William is traveling tomorrow to the larger town of Nimule to give us a first hand update. Jon's latest update is below this map or East Equatoria state in so. Sudan Borongole is near Pageri:

Jon's AFRICAN UPDATE from May 1, 2014

We had a nice long conversation with Jon, who sounded so great!
[All Jon's AFRICAN ADVENTURES at his new blog:  fromjoninafrica.blogspot.com]

PRAY FOR SOUTH SUDAN! Things are still comparatively stable & peaceful in East Equatoria state in southeastern South Sudan where the village of Borongole is 26 miles north of Nimule (on the map near Pageri). It should remain peaceful if the EE government does not take sides in this conflict.  Please pray for wisdom for the  EE state government and for the Prince of Peace to work in the hearts of men nationwide, as the violence has continued in the 3 northern states and is wrecking havoc in the nation at large. There are many displaced people who cannot plant their crops and therefore have no source of food. God help these people and this nation!

The team spent most of the first month completing the SURVEYING work, which kept them very busy and tired by days end.  Brian McKay helped them to successfully finish the surveying and he has returned to the United States.

Since then Jon has been on the GOSPEL RADIO STATION on a regular basis and he said he was able to draw from scripture study from the past few months. In the last few messages, he has centered on the gospel, as he has been reading Paul Washer’s THE GOSPEL’S POWER & MESSAGE. He says it is so foundational and full of scripture that hits you again and again with the power of the Gospel, so now he is being compelled to mention the gospel each time he shares.

William Levi is continuing the DISCIPLESHIP classes and Jon said, he was so blessed to see that the father of the young boy, Wani (who died in Dec. from yellow fever) has been coming to the meetings.  This man is an alcohlic and was let go from the brick production early in the training last fall because he came drunk, but the GOOD NEWS is that Wani’s father is attending the class, participating and contributing and God is working in His life!!

As you know from one of Jon’s African Adventures, there is GREAT NEED TO STAFF & SUPPLYTHE NEHEMIAH MEDICAL CLINIC.   The Levi’s were able to bring rapid diagnostic tests with them on this trip, but we need to see this clinic up and running, so PLEASE PRAY to that end.  The Levi children, actually came down with Typhoid one by one and they were able to diagnosis it right away and receive the proper medicine, so they are on the mend & doing much better.  

BRICK PRODUCTION has been at a stand still though there has been some interest generated. There is need of a school building to be built in Nderito, but so far that has not materialized.PLEASE PRAY that interest turns into a commitment and a willingness to pay upfront, so that the village can purchase the needed materials (cement) in order to begin.  Someone suggested that they build a prototype building in that area on the main road to show as a model for advertising, but again they need the cement to move ahead with that idea.  A TV crew from Juba came to Borongole to film a promotional about Operation Nehemiah, covering such things as the family, the church, the farm and the brick production & it aired this past week on national television!!!

You’ll be delighted to know that Jon is getting EXTRA PROTEIN IN HIS DIET these days as he gets to eat termites on a regular basis.  Lately he has enjoyed them fried and in a sauce.  He said, “I am eating bugs in sauce that are delicious and full of protein.”

To aid his study of the MADI language he was given a book that helps with pronunciation & is learning the slight variations in emphasis that change the meaning of a word. 

We, Luekens, on this side of the pond, continue to marvel at God’s amazing faithfulness in providing MANNA for us day by day, so that we can give time to work & communications for Operation Nehemiah.  The majority of our time is spent talking to God about the myriad of needs there and here... and we can honestly say that we have never seen God’s hand so clearly at work in the hearts and lives of people around us.  

We recently attended the Mass HOPE conference and had many wonderful conversations and times of prayer with people from all over. we love reaching out to others together at these conferences and are hoping to set up a TRAVEL ITINERARY TO SPEAK AND SHARE ABOUT OPERATION NEHEMIAH as a family after Jon returns at the end of Mat (26th).  We are hoping to go to a few more CONFERENCES this year when Jon is with us. Even better, we would like to set up speaking at CHURCHES orsharing in HOST HOMES. Would you be willing to invite some of your friends to come to see pictures & hear about what God is doing in South Sudan? PRAYING about heading SOUTH the latter 1/2 of JUNE to the MIDWEST in late JULYNORTHEAST late AUGUST & SOUTHWEST in the FALL.

The roots of Roger’s health issues are continuing to be uncovered and our new schedule working for Operation Nehemiah is so much better for him (no more 4:45 wake ups, 6 aminstead). He has seen a real improvement overall.  As the Lord  builds our faith and confidence in His great love for us in spite of our sin or circumstances that scream otherwise, I (Patty) marvel at the change in Roger by the hand of God!! He is light hearted, comical and joyful in ways I’ve not seen in a long time! The truth of God’s great undying love for us, and the freedom to repent and forgive, truly does set us free!!!!

We are in awe at GOD’S FAITHFULNESS in doing the deep heart work in us and others, so we are believing the same is true in Borongole.  

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support for all of us with Operation Nehemiah!

Read all of Jon's African Adventures at his new blog:  fromjoninafrica.blogspot.com

 Rubanga Cola nito (God be with you)! From the Lueken's on behalf of
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