Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reasons for Praise and Prayer!

We have been earnestly praying for the Lord to provided:
 ~for the team on the ground, 
 ~for the people of the the village of Borongole, South Sudan 
 ~for us & the Levi's & the needs of the the West & East offices of Operation Nehemiah.
We have been asking for wisdom & guidance & direction, as well as, finances & other means to move forward in the things that God has for us.  Thus we were so excited to get a call from William just a few nights ago asking us to pray for a strategic meeting this Friday.

Here's the GOOD NEWS! A local school not far from Borongole, was awarded funds to rebuild their school buildings that burned down. The community asked Operation Nehemiah to go ahead & build a prototype right along the main road to replace the shack the headmaster of the school was living in, in order to display their product. But they did not have any cement...
so God provided through an ambassador and friend of the ministry who advanced them funds needed for materials, so they could begin. So Jon & the other men have been busy at work producing bricks once again!!! The picture above shows them at work building with the interlocking Hydraform Bricks, so no cement is needed in between the layers… like Lego's! If awarded this project would include 2 school buildings of 4 rooms each, a dining hall, teacher/admin. building & latrines, which would use somewhere between 100,000 to 150,000 bricks.
PLEASE PRAY!! As this Friday morning, (when we are going to bed tonite) the authorities are arriving to decide who will get the job.  The community is hoping that Nehemiah Brick Production will get it because: they are local; they are trustworthy; the bricks are the strongest made, and it will help the local economy. 
THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ARE PRAYING FOR THE EFFORTS IN SOUTH SUDAN! Your prayers and gifts do make a difference! We trust that God is leading and will make this project possible! & that He will bring this trip to a God glorifying conclusion as they will return in less than 3 weeks (May 26)

William also sent an update from the field this week and you can see the many pictures he posted here or you can read an edited version with a few pictures here:
If you haven't read Jon's phone update from May 1st here it is:
In Him Who keeps us,  Roger & Patty Lueken (774) 254-4336   God provided a phone for Roger!! (774) 210-2800 
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