Thursday, May 15, 2014

MANNA - Thank you Jehovah Jireh, our Provider

God has daily provided just what we need… here is an example of His overwhelming faithful provision:

Emma and I headed out one Sat. with family to a annual Boy Scout huge yard sale held in Plainville in early May. Emma had $20 when we set out and we hoped to get curtains and whatever else we could find.   As we left, Roger yelled to us to keep a look out for a cell phone, as his had broken months before (we had to suspend his plan for limited number of months, and it had just been reinstated a few days earlier, though he did not yet have a phone).

We found some great books that Emma loved and were looking in a pile of material and linen and a lady called to another as she reached into a bag full of stuff and pulled out 3 sets of lace panels and the other lady snatched them up. After they were done I reached into the same bag and found 3 more brand new lace panels… just what I wanted and the perfect size for our living room and they were only $1 each!

Later I set out to look through the electronics as this was a well organized rummage sale. Scanning through the various items I actually saw one lonely cell phone, but it was pretty beat up and had the tiny keyboard that Roger's big hands could not manage & I had no way of knowing if it was a phone that was compatible with Verizon. As I continued to rummage, at the end of my search, I found a really cool woodland camo cell phone holder, but I did not have money on me to buy it. I found Emma and brought her back saying we should get this for dad in faith that the Lord would provide him a phone. She worried that it might not be the right size for the phone that he eventually got, but we knew he wanted a flip phone and we decided to step out in faith and get the holder for him. As we went to pay for it, she asked, "So there weren't any other cell phones?" & because she asked that I pointed out the one that they did have & immediately next to it, IN THE BOX, was a BRAND NEW VERIZON cell phone!! That phone could not have been there before and it even said it was a Verizon phone.

I was amazed and so thankful that we came back for the phone holder! Wow!  We went to pay and the guy said, "How about $2 for the phone & I'll throw the holder in for free!" Yay!!!! I was overwhelmed. You prove you are Jehovah Jireh, our Provider over and over again!

So give Roger a call and praise God with him  774-210-2800

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