Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MANNA - God knew!

I have to share the ways that God regularly intervenes right in time to keep us from falling and to keep us going…

As I had promised to help a friend in need, I got in our car only to see that the gas gauge was on empty.  At that time I expected a $60 automatic withdrawal to clear our account that day, and we did not have the $60 to cover it. I prayed that the Lord would keep me going and resolved that if the gas light went on then I would stop and get a couple of gallons.  I made it to my friends and the gas gauge was below E, but I had peace.

In my enjoyment with my friend's children,

they asked about all the zippers on my backpack purse and I proceeded to open them up in answer to their inquiries and lo and behold I found a hidden $26 in one of the little pockets in my purse! My friend said, "Gas money!" and I smiled… little did she know. But I rejoiced that God knew!

So after I left I stopped at the first gas station and put $6 in our tank. I brought home the $20 and when we checked our accounts, we discovered money in Emma's account that she did not remember she had and another amount in another acct. and $4 in our savings. I almost left the $4, but decided to transfer it all… $64 in total. Do you know that that night the $60 transaction cleared plus and unexpected $4 one that I thought had already cleared… God knew and we avoid bouncing any transactions.

And do you know what else? ... When I told Roger my story and my plan to wait till the gas light came on, he told me that our little car does not have a low gas indicator light!  But God knew!!

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