Friday, May 23, 2014

Humbled by God's help through His people

 We want to testify further of God's faithful hand through relationships.  
We were waiting on God and asking His provision for May rent, which was overdue and graciously a gift came in through Operation Nehemiah which covered 1/2 of it!! We also had dear old friends visit overnite and they had received a generous unexpected bonus & instead of tucking it away for a rainy day, they gave some of it to us! We were both humbled and very grateful, as we had been praying for their finances & God blessed them to bless us!!!  But we still needed $300… We had been talking to God about this and many other things that He brings up as He has you in this place of waiting on Him and that is when we were remembered again something we read, that we since have been chewing on:

"We need to get God's way of looking at ministry and money firmly in our minds. We are concerned with what work is getting done and getting the money to see that our goals are accomplished. They are, after all, goals for God's work, aren't they?

However, the Lord has a far different bottom line. His primary concern is restoring relationships-- between us and Him and between us and each other. This is why He has designed it so that we rely on others for financial support while we do His work.

As people give to the work of the Lord, many wonderful things happen… " 

As we continued to pray earnestly, the Lord provided exactly the remaining amount through a dear family member whom we had not spoken with in a very long time. It brought conviction about having neglected this relationship and an renewed desire to pray more for him and others, trusting the Lord to meet our needs as we do… Much of our time can and has often been taken up praying about own needs, but as He faithfully supplies in unexpected ways, we are encouraged to trust that He sees our need, and He wants us to care about others more in prayer.

So again I ask HOW CAN WE PRAY FOR YOU?!!! 

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