Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How can we pray for you?

Each day we look to the Lord for the direction for the day's activities and for what we need to follow Him where He is taking us. On this day, we had our usual morning time and later we were emailing an update, but several of the emails got kicked back again, so I felt I should take the time to contact these dear friends to see if I had there updated info.

The first call was to an old friend from over 30 years who I had reconnected with a year ago. She was doing well back then in spite of having lost her husband, but this time when I called she declared "It was God that you called, I really needed to talk with someone." She had been through trial after trial (as have we) since our last conversation, so we had a lot in common and it was so wonderful to pray & look to the Lord together! Thank You, Lord, for using even emails not getting through to connect us on a personal level… we still can't figure out why her email will not work for me, but I surely do not mind picking up the phone and having the opportunity to pray together!

The second contact confirmed a change in email address, but also brought us into a friends life when they were at a place of having done all that they could and desperately needing God to intervene on their behalf. We have been able to go back and forth sharing scripture and things the Lord has given each of us as encouragement, as we all wait on God for things that are totally our of our control!

It was becoming very clear to us that our volunteering to help get the word out about the needs in South Sudan, involves a lot more than just that... God intends for our contact with others to be mutually beneficial!

So on this day we were course corrected in our focus.  Yes, we are called to share the needs and trumpet what God has done and is doing in South Sudan through Operation Nehemiah, but those we contact have needs as well, and we have the awesome privilege of taking time to pray for that which concerns them. We are being brought into the adventures that God is doing in a country far away, as well as in the lives of people we know right here! Oh, what a blessing to see a need, bring it to our heavenly Father, weeping with those who weep both near and far and then celebrating what He does in answer to those cries.


"His primary concern is restoring relationships - 
between us & Him and between us & each other. 
This is why He has designed it so that we rely on others… 
while we do His work." 
~ from DARING TO LIVE ON THE EDGE: The Adventure of Faith & Finances 
by Loren Cunningham


  1. Thank you for praying on behalf of all the saints in Christ Jesus.

    I appreciate your ministry to my very special friends, William & Hannah Levi. Thanks for sending updates from Borongole. I miss them so very much and long to communicate with them. I'm looking forward to their return home. I am on the Missions Commission at Hope Church and, because of your postings, I've been able to send them on to the church's prayer chain.

    I would greatly appreciate prayer for success in my latest endeavor.

    I have been accepted to the Architecture and Building Technology program at Springfield Technical Community College for the 2014 fall semester. This is something I've wanted to do since I was 13 years old. It's really my last chance as I am 63 years old and I want to be successful in my pursuit of an Associates Degree.

    Will you pray for my success, as well as for good health and strength over the next 2 years?

    I have a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis that manifests itself in ways similar to dyslexia. I have also developed fibromyalgia in recent months which is quite painful. The combination of the two attack me with terrible bouts of fatigue (sometimes short-lived, but sometimes I suffer for an entire day). I find when I force myself to get out of my apartment, it soon subsides. I've just started walking 1+ miles every day, which helps me to feel more energetic and has relieved quite a bit of pain.

    June 18th is registration day when I'm also required to take assessment tests in English and Reading.

    There are some immediate financial hurdles I must get over by the end of this week, but I am determined to trust God to the end for His provisions. My car needs a brake job for which I do not have enough money...I will not drive until the brakes are fixed. Also, STCC is asking for a $50 deposit to hold my spot in the Architecture program which is due on Monday, May 26th.

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
    and lean not on your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    and He will make your paths straight.
    ~Proverbs 3:5-6

    Thank you for your prayers. Praying for you & the Levi's, too.
    Suzanne Smith

  2. We appreciate very much your situation and have prayed and will continue...
    God has had us in impossible situations and waiting on Him for things that are completely out of our control has been more fruitful that I ever would have imagined... We have our eyes on our needs being met and He has His eye on our hearts and minds and is renewing our minds as we wait on Him, and transforming our hearts as He shows us things we did not see... We have been blind to many things and keeping our eyes fixed on Him, because we have no other option, He has shown us our hearts in light of His mercy and grace and our hearts have melted and our eyes have filled with the wonder of His love for us sinners.
    So you are in an awesome position of dependence... though our flesh struggles greatly, our Father heart knows what we need. He is faithfully completing the work He has begun. Keep clinging to Him!!